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For a long time the key factor holding back the electric vehicle revolution was the fact that there was not nearly enough funding for public electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). That is changing — now billions of dollars are being allocated with a goal of installing half a million public EV chargers by 2030.

How much does the installation and EV charge points cost?

Prices vary depending on the EV system suitable for your business (such as rapid charger, number of stations etc). We will provide you with the best price possible that meets your exact needs and budget.

Is my business entitled to the OZEV grant?

Most businesses are entitled to the OZEV grant of £350 per charging socket, for up to 20 sockets. Speak to us to find out more, our team will help you with the OZEV grant so,

Can i charge customers to use the charge points but not employees?

We provide various options including contactless payments (customers simply tap and pay with their card) as well as charge point solutions with various other payment methods.

What’s the best EV Charger for my business?

We provide a number of different EV chargers at the best possible prices from across all of the leading manufacturers. We do recommend to future-proof your business a rapid charging unit to provide the best and fastest EV charging solution for customers.

How many EV Charging Stations can i have installed?

The number of EV charging points that you can install will vary depending on a number of things including the electrical grid supply in your area. We provide a free site survey to help ensure that you can install the best charging system at your business,

We already have an EV Charging system – can we add more?

Yes. We provide a free site survey to help ensure that any new EV charging points are perfect for your forecourt. We will also review your current system and provide options to ensure this is suitable and gives you the maximum value. 

How easy are the EV charge points to manage and can you monitor the usage of each one?

We provide through our charge point systems a fully managed service where we will take care of the monitoring and maintenance of your EV system. You will also have access to a tailored system where you will easily be able to see the usage, carbon footprint, and revenue from your EV system. 

Do you sell to homes, or just business to business?

Yes! We do indeed sell to private consumers. We have a wide range of brilliant EV Charging Stations for your home – from slow to rapid.